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As a mobile veterinary practice, we are not equipped to deal with emergencies or critical patients.  Listed below is a list of emergencies for which you should seek care for your pet immediately at a 24-hour facility.  This list is not inclusive.  

  • Difficulty breathing 

  • Collapse

  • Straining to urinate

  • Seizures

  • Struggling to walk, dragging hind limbs

  • Ingestion of toxic material

  • Traumatic injury (i.e. hit by a car, dog fight)

  • Pale gums

  • Profuse vomiting

  • Severe diarrhea

If your pet is experiencing an emergency please bring them to one of the 24-hour emergency hospitals listed below. 

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists 

1480 South County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818

(401) 886-6787

Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services

76 Baptist Street, Swansea, MA 02777

(508) 379-1233

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