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End of Life Care

At Your Door Veterinary Services knows how difficult end-of-life decisions can be.  To help provide a comfort during this difficult time, we offer in-home euthanasia.  This will allow your pet to spend their final moments in the place they are most comfortable surrounded by the people who love them the most.  


In-home euthanasia is available for both clients and non-clients in Rhode Island.  In-home euthanasia is offered Tuesday through Saturday.   


How to Make an Appointment?

Please click here to fill out the form to request an appointment.  Requests made online will be responded to within 24 hours (with the exception of Sunday and Monday). While we would like as much notice as possible, we understand that death is difficult to predict and we may be able to accommodate same-day appointments. 


What to Expect?

Home visits typically last between 30 and 60 minutes.  As we wish for your pet’s passing to be as peaceful as possible, your pet will receive a sedative which make take 5-15 minutes for effect.  Once your pet is sleeping, they will receive a second injection which will result in the slowing of breathing and heart rate until your pet passes. 


Options for After-Care


  • Private cremation:  We will provide transportation for your pet to Final Gift for cremation.  When you choose private cremation, Final Gift ensures that you receive only the cremated remains of your pet.   


  • Communal cremation:  We will provide transportation for your pet to Final Gift for cremation.  When you choose communal cremation, you will not receive the cremated remains of your pet.  These remains will be placed at Final Gift’s cemetery grounds.


  • Home burial:  You may elect to bury your pet at home once they have passed. 




  • In-home euthanasia: $250-$350 depending on location – this includes house-call fee, sedatives, euthanasia, and transportation of your pet to Final Gift (if cremation is elected)***

  • Cremation:

    • Communal: $125 for all weights

    • Private

      • Comes with complimentary urn - other options of urns and memorial gifts are available from Final Gift at an additional cost  

      •  $250 for all weights 

  • Paw prints

    • Performed by Final Gift

    • $48.00​​

  • Engraving​ of the urn

    • Performed by Final Gift​

    • $45.00-$65.00


***Pricing excludes Block Island.  Please contact us by email for further information regarding pricing for service to Block Island. 

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